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The advantages of metal roofs are well known to those in the Austin roofing business. They are incredibly strong, durable, attractive and inexpensive. Modern technology has corrected the issues of heat and loudness that troubled them in the past. They are also relatively easy and straightforward to install.

Most roofs are made of aluminum or steel. Aluminum costs slightly more, but the surface will resist corrosion for a longer period. This may not be extremely relevant as a metal roof can last for as long as 50 years without major maintenance. Special factory coatings can make the roof even stronger or change the color to practically anything desired. For those who are willing to invest the money, copper roofing material is available. Copper goes on with a gorgeous metallic shine but quickly forms a patina that subdues the color to a beautiful green hue.

Metal roofing is attached to the roof with screws that are placed through the seams where the roofing plates meet. These seams also interlock with each other in order to form an impermeable seal that resists water and weather easily.

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Because they are raised a small distance above the surface of the roof to gain an additional layer of protection, they are known as standing seams. The vertical seams channel rain down and lend an attractive visual appearance to the roof.

So long as moisture is not allowed to pool on the surface, decades of unblemished performance may be reasonably expected from a metal roof. Although metal was originally restricted to industrial edifices, advances in thermal and sound insulation have made it useful for homes. The deafening rattle of rain has been effectively muted to the point where metal roofs are only barely louder than shingles or tile. The efficiency and inexpensiveness of metal also makes it ideal for ecologically friendly "green" roofs.

Special care must be taken when installing or working with metal roofing, so it is best to turn to professionals to do the job. The metal has a truly remarkable ability to capture and retain heat, and it is very easy for unwary homeowners to burn themselves if they try to perform the installation themselves. The sheer reflectivity of the roof also means that sunburns are a problem. The edges of the plates are also known to be dangerously jagged and sharp. Professional roofers working with metal will wear appropriate protective gear and try to plan the job for the less harsh times of year.

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