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Hailstorms cause millions of dollars of damage to property every year. It is easy to observe damage to cars and anything made of metal or glass, but it is harder to determine if a home's roof has sustained damage because, except in the case of extremely large hailstones, damage that leads to leaks is difficult for the average homeowner to spot.

An Austin roofing company with years of experience can assess subtle damage caused by hail. They know the little signs that serve as precursors for bigger problems down the road. Their experiences with insurance claims often mean the difference between homeowners' insurance denying a claim, leaving the entire cost of repair or replacement as the homeowner's responsibility, or getting a claim approved.

One of the first things they check are any metal roof parts. Vents, flashing and valleys lined with metal supply a quick picture of potential hidden hail damage, along with providing an idea of the size of the hailstones.

Ridge caps and any other flat surfaces often take direct hits from hail. Damage to these areas often indicate the potential of bigger issues.

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The surface and edges of shingles show damage in the form of missing pieces, bruises, cracks and missing granules. Large hail frequently causes circular cracks as well as linear ones. The bruising often escapes attention by untrained eyes. Many times, small dimples in the shingle surface indicate deterioration of the shingles ability to maintain an impermeable water barrier and an impending problem of more severity if heavy rains penetrate living areas. Missing granules well beyond what normally takes place over the life of a roof represent the hardest thing for a homeowner to determine.

Insurance company adjusters know these same indications of roof shingle failure. Their interests often conflict with those of the homeowner, since a major hailstorm or a series of smaller ones result in millions of dollars of claims. The assistance of a professional local roofing contractor acting as the homeowner's advocate supplies much needed balance to the claims process.

Asphalt and fiberglass shingles make good roofing materials. This is why they have enjoyed popularity for so many years. Unlike other roofing materials, hail damage often does not reveal itself as easily as it might on a metal or tile roof. This hidden damage can result in total roof failure when powerful Texas winds come along and rip shingles damaged by hail completely off the roof.

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