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Austin Roofing: Article About Basic Overview Of Composite Shingles

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Every roofing component plays a major role in properly protecting the home from water damage. However, since the roof is also the topmost portion of the home, it experiences the most amount of exposure to the elements. It is not uncommon for intense heat, rainfall, exposure to UV rays and other weather conditions to cause the roof to fail prematurely. There are many types of roofing materials available to choose from, but one of the newest types consists of composite roofing material. Available from Austin roofing services, this product features a wide range of benefits, and more homeowners are choosing to install composite roofing on their homes. Here is a basic overview about the features of composite roofing.

Composite roofing materials are basically shingles that are constructed with a variety of materials, such as wood, recycled paper, fiberglass, polyester and plastic. They might also be referred to as asphalt shingles, simply because they are often coated in granulated asphalt for enhanced UV protection and waterproofing capabilities. However, they differ from traditional asphalt shingles.

Composite roofing shingles might resemble other common roofing materials, but their primary difference is that they typically come in long rectangles that have three notches, which are referred to as "three tab style" shingles. The notches overlap and interlock with each other, which makes the tiles easy to install and provides more durability.

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After the sheets are attached to the roof, they often give the illusion of resembling individual shake shingles, or they can be purchased to resemble other types of traditional materials. Some types can even resemble the look of real wood or slate. Composite shingles can be purchased in different shapes and colors in order to achieve a cohesive look for the rest of the home.

Most manufacturers who produce composite roofing shingles offer a 30 to 50 year lifetime warranty because the synthetic materials they are constructed with are built to be durable. The shingles are hurricane and wind tested, and they can withstand winds of up to 100 miles per hour, which is an ideal option for homes that are located in areas that experience frequent inclement weather. The shingles are also fire resistant, and some types of composite shingles are made to resist damage from salty air, algae growth and snow buildup.

One of the best features of composite shingles is that there are lighter colored options available that can help to reduce heat absorption, which can improve the energy efficiency of the home. As long as the roof is properly ventilated and insulated, the shingles should help to reduce high energy bills in the hot summers.

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