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The term "cool roof" is a commonly used one these days, but many homeowners might not understand what features are associated with a cool roof. Austin roofing professionals understand how easy it is to confuse the concept of a green roof and a cool roof, but fortunately, each type of roofing system helps reduce energy consumption, which is especially important for homeowners who live in extremely hot climates like that of Texas. Here is a beginner's guide to cool roofs.

While green roofs typically refer to roofing materials that are environmentally friendly or recyclable in nature, technically speaking, a roof can actually be qualified as a cool roof if the homeowner simply applies white paint to the surface. Not only would this make the roof more reflective, but it would also help combat global warming. The reason why is because darker colored roofing materials absorb the sun's heat, transfers it into the atmosphere inside the home, and causes the homeowner to have to constantly run the air conditioner.

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Lighter colored roofing materials can reduce the urban heat island effect, so if hundreds of homeowners within an urban community each converted their roofs into cool roofs, the result most likely would be the lowering of the overall temperature within the entire city.

While painting the roof white might seem like a simple solution, it is not an incredibly practical one because the paint could easily begin to peel off over a period of time due to excessive sun exposure. Roofing professionals can install a variety of cool roofing materials that will not only improve the roof's solar reflectance capabilities but also have an attractive look. A metal roof is an example of a type of cool roof that can seamlessly enhance any home's unique design features and provide maximum exposure against the elements. Metal roofs do not require as much maintenance as other common types of roofing systems do, and they tend to last much longer as well. In fact, many homeowners prefer metal roofs because of the extended warranties that they typically feature.

Homeowners who are not ready to completely replace their existing roof in order to install a brand new cool roof should know that roofing contractors can also convert many types of roofs into cool roofs by applying a specialized coating onto its surface. However, this solution may not be ideal for roofing systems that are damaged or reaching their estimated longevity.

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