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Many homeowners understand how important it is to look out for the environment by reducing their energy and water consumption. There are many benefits associated with choosing green roofing materials, and one of the top benefits is how much money homeowners could save on their utility bills. However, while many individuals have become increasingly interested in learning about the different types of green roofing choices, Austin Roofing professionals understand there is still much confusion over what truly qualifies as a "green roof" and can explain what this means.

Technically speaking, an actual green roof refers to a roof that features vegetative plants that cover the entire surface of the roof, which is also referred to as a vegetative green roof. Many buildings located in downtown areas of large cities features vegetative green roofs because they help to capture excessive water runoff and store it for the plants to drink, which reduces the potential for rook leaks developing, especially on flat roof systems. Some homeowners choose to install vegetative green roofs as well, but this is not the most common green roofing choice.

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When it comes to green roofing materials, any roof that features materials that are made from 100 percent recycled materials can be classified as a green roof. Green roofs help to keep used materials from polluting landfills after use. Another major factor that green roofs feature is durability; the longer lasting the material is, the less waste that will be created and the less replacement and maintenance that will be required. Green roofing materials should enhance the home's insulation and feature high solar reflectance capabilities.

Unfortunately, the most commonly installed type of roofing shingle in the United States also happens to be the most damaging to the environment. Asphalt shingles might be the most inexpensive roofing choice on the market, but they also feature the shortest life spans, and they feature polluting materials that are toxic to the environment.

Recycled roofing materials are the friendliest to the environment, and many homeowners appreciate that many types of recycled materials are very inexpensive. The materials can be manufactured to resemble popular roofing materials that can match the rest of the home's features and enhance curb appeal. The materials are often constructed from plastic, rubber, and wood. Two other types of popular green roofing materials are slate shingles, which are incredibly durable, create and attractive finish, and require minimal regular maintenance, and wooden shingles, which do not tend to last as long because they can easily rot.

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