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Austin Roofing: Article About Benefits and Drawbacks Of Roof Layering

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When the time comes to install a new roof, many homeowners want to save money by layering the new material over the old material. While layering can make the roofing install more affordable, many Austin roofing contractors recommend thoroughly researching the subject before making a decision.

Homeowners must take into consideration the number of layers already on the home. If the roof only has one layer of traditional or composite shingles, it may be possible to add a new layer of shingles or a metal roof over the existing roofing material. However, if there are already two layers of roofing on the home, building codes may thwart the adding of a third. If the home is older, a second layer may cause excessive settling of the home, which can damage the foundation and cause cracks in the walls.

If the roof is leaking, it is unwise to add a second layer as a leak barrier. While this may stop the leak in the short term, the leak will reappear, and it could damage the new roofing. Adding a second layer also makes locating the source of the leak difficult and could result in the need for a complete tear off and reroof to spite the homeowner's efforts against that route.

Most roofing materials come with a warranty that states it will be repaired or replaced if the product is found to be defective.

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Installing the new material over the old roof can void that warranty.

Adding a second layer can also increase your utility bills and shorten the lifespan of the new roof. Attics need proper ventilation in order to stay cool and release humidity. Adding a second layer means that your attic will dramatically absorb heat and humidity in the summer, and it will freeze in the winter.

It may also be difficult to sell the home with multiple layers of roofing. While it was common practice to layer roofs many decades ago, the drawbacks are well known today. To make matters worse, many insurance companies won't insure a roof that has multiple layers. Instead, the insurance company will insure the top layer only, and if the roof becomes damaged due to extreme weather, the company will pay for the top layer to be removed and replaced but not the bottom layer or decking.

For homeowners seriously considering layering their roofs, there are only two benefits. The roofing installation will be cheaper and faster because the old roofing is not torn off the home and taken to a landfill or recycled.

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