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With rising energy costs and increased awareness about the environment, many property owners are looking for ways to save both money and the environment. Particularly in urban areas, cooling buildings can become quite expensive because of the vast amounts of dark surfaces, like rooftops and parking lots. The dark colors trap heat, which makes the entire surrounding area several degrees warmer than lighter environments. This leads to increased energy output necessary to cool the interior of building structures. Property owners who wish to take corrective actions toward improving the sustainability and environmental impacts of their roof should contact an Austin roofing professional for help.

White roofs are roofs that have been painted with a solar reflective coating, which can reflect up to 90 percent of sunlight. A vast majority of rooftops in America are made of tar, which means they absorb an immense amount of heat. Painting over the black tar with white solar reflective paint can instantly reduce the temperature inside and outside the structure. In addition to reducing energy costs, white roofs offer a number of benefits to both property owners and the environment.

One way that white roofs benefit the environment is that they actually help curb climate changes.

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The reduction in heat that naturally occurs when replacing dark roofing materials with white ones can create an expansive reduction in smog formation. Particularly in large cities where there's a range of buildings and paved streets, replacing every rooftop with solar reflective coating would make a significant difference in temperature, pollution and energy use.

Another benefit to white roofs is that the materials used can help reduce heat related warping and cracking, which means that the roof will stay in good condition for a longer period of time. Not only does this reduce harmful waste by not having to discard the used roofing materials into landfills, but it can also bring significant savings to property owners. In addition, today's rapidly evolving building standards are designed to lower energy costs and help the environment, which means that white roofs can assist builders by creating an easy and cost effective way to meet those guidelines.

Property owners who are looking for ways to cut energy costs and help the environment should contact a roofing professional for recommendations for their individual roof. While white roofs are beneficial, there are some limitations to the type of roofs that can be coated with the white solar reflective coating. Whether one decides to move forward with a white roof or chooses another environmentally friendly option, each property owner can benefit from learning about a number of roofing types that will enable them to make informed decisions for their home or building.

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