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Having the roof inspected at least twice a year can prevent major damage from occurring, which could save homeowners the expense of having to pay for costly repairs in the future. A roof that is kept in top notch condition is also a major plus for homeowners who decide to place their house on the market as well. However, many individuals are not familiar with the process of roof inspection. Here are some of the primary things an Austin Roofing professional will check for during the inspection process.

Roofing inspectors will thoroughly check the attic area to ensure there are no signs of water leaking or damage, that the roof deck is not sagging, that outside light is not showing through in any areas and that there are no dark spots or trails on the walls. Each of these situations could be an indication that the state of the roof is failing in some way, although the extent of the damage will vary.

Contractors will evaluate the state of each individual component on the surface of the roof as well. They will assess the condition of the shingles. If they discover missing, torn, cracked, cupped or blistering shingles, they will most likely recommend their replacement.

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Excessive amounts of shingle granules in the gutters are also an indication of advanced wear. Shingles that have exceeded their estimated longevity create an ideal situation in which water could begin to leak inside the interior of the home and cause major damage.

Inspectors will ensure the flashing around the chimneys, pipes and vents is not missing or corroded. Flashing is thin sheets of metal material that covers joints in the roof and prevents water leaks from developing. It is not uncommon for flashing to blow off the roof after inclement weather has struck the area. This leaves the roof deck exposed to water penetration, which can cause portions of it to begin to rot. If the contractors replace the flashing, they will seal the perimeters of it with silicone caulking in order to provide maximum waterproofing.

Inspectors will also ensure that all of the downspouts and gutters are properly attached and that there is no debris in the gutters to prevent water flow. If water begins to back up inside the gutters due to excessive amounts of debris, water can cause significant damage to the fascia and soffit. If the downspouts do not sufficiently carry water away from the foundation of the home, the water could begin to crack the foundation over a period of time, and backed up water can pool on the lawn and cause flooding in the basement.

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