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Austin Roofing: Article About Concrete and Clay Tile Roofs

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When many people think of putting a roof on a newly constructed building or reroofing an existing one, they generally only consider materials like shingles. However, clay and concrete tiles can create a very attractive roof, and they are considerably less expensive than one may expect. In fact, concrete tiles are an ideal choice for modern buildings and homes, and clay tiles have been a popular roofing material for Mediterranean-style houses with arched frames and windows for centuries. Both clay and concrete tiles are made to last for the lifetime of a home. While they may be more expensive up front, people will never have to worry about putting a new roof on their house again after having them installed.

Concrete and clay tiles are a bit different. Though they are very durable, they are usually a bit more expensive than clay tiles. Concrete tiles can easily be customized to mimic the appearance of slate, shake, wood and clay roofs, and they are available in a wide variety of colors and pigments. These tiles are produced domestically, so it is almost never an issue for Austin roofing installers to find exactly what home owners are looking for.

However, concrete tiles do come with a few downsides. They can be very heavy at around 10 pounds per tile.

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With this, people need to made sure that their building is strong enough to support them. In addition, occasional pressure washing may be required to clean up moss and algae that can sometimes grow on concrete tiles. Home owners also need to ensure that their tiles are properly sealed as concrete tiles can be prone to water leaks. They should also be aware that concrete tiles can fade a bit over time.

On the other hand, clay tiles are made from natural material, and they do not fade. While they are also relatively heavy compared to other types of roofing, clay tiles generally weigh about half as much as concrete. They are durable, energy efficient, fireproof and able to withstand hurricane-force winds. People who choose clay tiles also do not experience mold, mildew, rot or damage that would ruin a wooden roof. They are a light, cool and strong roofing material that makes a home stand out. However, people should keep in mind that clay tiles are generally a bit more expensive than concrete. In addition, they are only available in a limited range of colors, so people who choose clay tiles should plan ahead to ensure that their roof matches the rest of their home's exterior.

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