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When it comes to installing a new roof, some homeowners want to lay down a new layer of shingles on top of the old ones in a process called reroofing or a "shingle over." The major appeal of this method is that it can save the homeowner thousands of dollars when hiring an Austin roofing company. While this can sometimes be an acceptable solution, there are many disadvantages to making this choice.

Probably the biggest issue with this method is that it doesn't allow the roofing company to get a good look at what's under the current roof. When tearing off the roof, the company would normally be able to see things like damaged flashing around the chimney or a section of the underlayment that's starting to rot from water damage. When these problems can be seen, they're easy fixes and won't add much to the homeowner's final bill. However, when the new roof goes right over these problems, it's just a temporary patch. When major problems arise, it can be much more expensive to fix.

Adding a second layer to the roof is also laying a significant amount of weight onto the home.

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While many homes are able to sustain this weight, it can be too much for others to bear, and it can add some stress to the foundation and other structural elements.

In some cases, the company that manufactures the shingles puts restrictions on the installation. When the shingles are placed over an existing roof, this might limit the warranty. Anyone considering a reroofing job should definitely talk with the roofing company about the potential impact that choice could have on the roof's warranty. The cost savings could suddenly seem a lot less attractive.

Quality roofing companies should thoroughly inspect the roof to determine whether laying a second layer on top of the old roof is a viable option. If they detect things like soft spots on the roof, leaks in the roof or curling and damaged shingles, these types of things will make reroofing a bad idea. Some companies might still do the job if that's what the homeowner wants, so that's another reason why it's a good idea to get quotes from several companies. There's a greater chance that one company might be a bit more forthcoming about potential issues with a shingle over.

Ultimately, homeowners need to decide what's best for their home and their budget. However, it's essential to consider the potential pitfalls of money saving techniques that can seem like a good idea.

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