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Many individuals today are interested in creating as small a carbon footprint as possible in all aspects of their lives, including the construction and maintenance of their homes. For many people, a true "green" roof with grass or other plants covering some or all of the roof is not an option. However, homeowners can still be more environmentally friendly through careful selection of roofing materials for their homes. When selecting an Austin roofing contractor, a concerned individual may ask about the possible alternatives for the environmentally conscious homeowner.

One option is to select a light colored or white roof, also known as a "cool roof." A white roof reflects sunlight from the house, thereby keeping the roof and the home's interior cooler. As a result, the cooling system runs less, saving on utilities. Both asphalt shingles and metal roofing systems are available in white or light colors at the same price, making the cool roof an attractive option for many homeowners.

Many companies today make shingles with recycled material. Architectural shingles, which are thicker than composite asphalt shingles, come in various styles that resemble more expensive options like slate and wood.

Metal roofing systems can also be an environmentally friendly choice. They are long lasting, which means they require replacement less frequently. Many are made of partially recycled materials and, unlike asphalt shingles, are almost completely recyclable.

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A metal roof in a white or light color just increases the environmental friendliness of a metal roof.

Wood shingles are another green option. The wood is a natural product unlike the asphalt in composite shingles. Also, many manufacturers make wood shingles from a sustainable forest, making them an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious homeowner. Environmentalists face a trade off when selecting wood shingles. The two primary concerns about wood shingles are insect infestation and lack of resistance to fire. These risks can be minimized through chemical treatment, which, unfortunately, detracts from the environmental features because rainwater that runs over the treated tiles may absorb some of the chemical and carry it into the ground water.

Clay and slate tiles can also be a natural option. Many tiles are salvaged and resold, eliminating any environmental impact from manufacturing. Tile roofs last longer than any other kind of roof, making replacement a very infrequent requirement. Clay and slate tiles also come in lighter colors, allowing them to be used in cool roofs.

Homeowners in Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas and Round Rock can do their part for the environment without going to extreme measures. Making a conscious choice regarding roofing materials can result in a roof that is attractive, stylish and environment friendly.

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