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Austin Roofing: Article About Evaluating Exterior Features On Historic Homes

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People who have purchased a historic home want to keep its original, charming features intact. While windows, woodwork and light fixtures often take higher maintenance priority than roofing or siding, these are very important aspects as well for maintaining an older home's structural integrity. For homeowners who aren't quite sure how to go about restoring their home's exterior features, it's a good idea to consult with Austin roofing professionals.

Before work can begin on the home, a visual inspection should be performed from top to bottom. It's easiest to start with the siding, looking for any features that don't seem to be original to the house. Many historic homes have modern siding put over the original, and, unfortunately, the newer siding ruins the original materials over time. During a restoration, these materials need to be removed immediately to avoid further damage to the siding beneath it. The siding underneath should be evaluated for damage from termites, water or age.

Next, homeowners should take a look at the windows. The frames should be free from water damage and wood rot. The glazing compound should be firm without being brittle or overly fragile. If it's cracked, it will need to be replaced. If the windows are original and the homeowner desires to keep them intact, they should be inspected by a knowledgeable contractor who can help restore the windows to their original condition.

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Roofs are often in terrible condition in older homes that haven't been carefully maintained. The roofing drainage systems can be compromised by rotting wood or years of debris buildup. The water should run away from the roof and the ground next to the foundation should have water running away from the building, not towards it.

Parapets are common in historic homes. These fail due to age, so they should be thoroughly inspected to ensure the bricks aren't cracked or broken and the flashing is intact and working properly. Gaps in the flashing will allow water to leak inside the home, but the flashing on parapets should never be tarred because they'll still leak. It's better for these flashings to be bent and pinned in the mortar joints.

The original features of an old home are quite important to the aesthetic of the building, but they also help preserve an important piece of history. The external features of a historical home will help ensure the home's original integrity is left intact for many decades to come.

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