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Austin Roofing: Article About Fireproofing Wooden Roofs

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Wooden shingles, or shakes as they are more properly called, are known for their beauty and uniqueness. They are handmade from the aesthetically pleasing and fragrant wood of the cedar tree by master craftsmen. However, only a small percentage of roofs installed by Austin roofing companies are composed of wooden shakes. This is because of the fire danger that untreated wooden roofs pose. In fact, they may be illegal in some areas for this very reason. There is a solution to the problem. Roofers can coat the shakes with a fire retardant chemical to greatly reduce the chances of a serious fire.

The first thing that a roofer coating a wooden roof with a fire retardant chemical will do is clean the roof thoroughly. Any dirt or debris left on the roof can prevent the fire retardant from soaking into the wood properly. This can cause it to be considerably less effective than if it is applied to a clean roof.

After the roofer has completed this task, he must apply the chemicals. Most roofers choose to do this with a sprayer. This makes the process go by much more quickly. However, some roofers use a paintbrush.

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This allows them to apply the fire retardant with much more precision. Usually, only one layer of the fire retardant is necessary. Experienced roofers, however, are careful to apply the chemical thickly but evenly.

The next step in the process is to let the roof dry. This generally takes between 24 and 48 hours though it can take longer if the weather does not cooperate. If it rains during this time period, the roof may need to be treated again.

After the first coat has dried, a few roofers like to apply a second coat. Most do not do this as it has not been established that a second coat is effective. However, some veteran roofers swear by it. The second coat is applied in much the same way as the first and is left to dry for the same length of time.

Once the drying process is complete, the roofer will carefully inspect the roof. He or she does this to ensure that the entire surface is coated evenly with the chemical. Even the smallest spot left uncoated can give a fire a chance to destroy the entire roof. Any debris left on the roof can also do this. Homeowners are encouraged to clean any twigs or pine needles from the roof as soon as they see them.

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