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The choices that a homeowner makes regarding his or her roof can have a very real effect on the resale value of a home. There are practical roofing choices, such as tar based coatings, that simply do not have widespread appeal and therefore may provide a negative return on the investment. A good way to determine what is popular in a given area is to speak with real estate agents, take notice of the local houses that are selling and those that are not and to speak with Austin roofing companies to determine the materials and styles that are most popular among their customers.

Curbside appeal is so important to the resale value of a home that many real estate agents recommend making material choices based on it. Decorative shingles, for instance, may be significantly more expensive up front, but the seller can often recoup that loss in the sale of the home. Another important consideration is avoiding discoloration. An annual algae treatment can help keep shingles looking their best throughout the life of the product, and fading due to sunlight can be avoided using a sealant.

The roof is a sticking point in many residential real estate negotiations.

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Home buyers understand the financial ramifications of purchasing a home with a roof at the end of its life or in poor condition. If a homeowner invests in a standard asphalt roof, then he or she only has a three to seven year period in which that roof is still a selling point. An investment in dimensional shingles, slate tiles or cedar shakes, on the other hand, would provide much more leeway.

A home buyer will appraise a roof based on the estimated total cost to them over the life of the roof. There are maintenance costs associated with any roof. This is the reason why slate roofs can actually turn a profit if the overall value of the home is high enough. Slate tiles require very little maintenance and can often outlive the buyer. When purchasing a home with a standard asphalt roof, for instance, the buyer understands that regular service will be required.

Warranties are also an excellent way to bolster how much a roof positively affects resale value. The common types of warranties that can be transferred to a new owner include manufacturer warranties, which cover manufacturer defects, and extended warranties, which can cover a wide range of problems and maintenance above and beyond product defects. Installer warranties, on the other hand, can add value to the mix but tend to be less valued than their manufacturer counterparts.

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