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A skylight can be a practical and economical way to add a significant amount of natural light to a home during the day and even at night, and there are no privacy concerns as there are with standard windows. There are, however, concerns when it comes to a home's roof. These concerns affect homeowners planning to install skylights and those who've moved into a home with skylights for the first time.

Whenever a homeowner needs a skylight installed, replaced, repaired or maintained, that work should be performed by an Austin roofing professional. Homeowners should be careful about hiring a glass or window contractor that installs skylights but lacks roofing expertise. If a glass specialist is required, then hire a roofing specialist to ensure that the roof is adequately protected.

Homeowners with skylights should schedule a roof inspection at least once a year and preferably in spring and again in fall. Like any roof penetrator, skylights are a leak risk, but skylights demand special attention because they contract and expand depending on ambient temperatures. This ongoing contraction and expansion breaks down seals, sealants, flashing and even the skylight frame itself. Roof maintenance agreements that cover skylights can be a worthwhile investment for homeowners.

Most roofing professionals recommend swapping old skylights with new ones or at least replacing the flashing kits whenever major work is done in the area of the skylight.

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Major roof work is any operation that extends past the top layer of roofing material or affects the flashing and is within a foot of the skylight on any side. Skylights can be worked around and skylights can be reinstalled, but there are leakage concerns, and some roofers will refuse the work because of that.

A roof installation may be the ideal time to install new skylights, and homeowners planning a skylight purchase may want to hold off until it's time to install a new roof. It is possible to add skylights to an existing roof, but installation costs will be higher, and the risks will be greater because the skylight is penetrating the roof covering rather than having the covering shaped around it.

A roof installation is also the ideal time to remove existing skylights, and depending on the work required on the sheathing, the process can be relatively simple and inexpensive. Scheduling skylight removal at any other time can actually be quite expensive because removal of skylights often requires a reroof or a major repair at the very least.

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