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Even with proper care and maintenance, rain gutters may last as little as 10 years. Exposure to elements like wind and heavy rain can reduce the lifespan of those gutters as well. Though Austin typically has a mild climate with higher temperatures throughout the year, homeowners may still find that they need to replace their gutters. Austin roofing companies offer inspections that let homeowners know if the system is in bad shape, but these companies can also handle the replacement of vinyl gutters and gutters made from steel, copper, aluminum or other materials.

Prior to replacing the gutters, contractors will talk with homeowners about the differences between seamless or seamed gutters. Seamless gutters consist of one long piece of gutter that wraps around the entire home and roof line. Roofing companies usually need to special order these designs and can only order the pieces after measuring the size and linear square footage of the house. Seamed gutters come in multiple sizes, and contractors can cut through the materials to form the specific sizes needed for the home. The main difference between the two is cost. While seamless gutters have a nice look, seamed gutters work equally well and cost much less.

Many people do not realize that gutters should not attach directly to the roof.

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Proper installation involves the use of a small board placed beneath the roof and against the wall. Thick screws prevent these boards from moving or sliding. Each individual piece of gutter connects directly to this board with the use of gutter screws, which are long enough to sink through the board and into the wall for additional security. Contractors adjust the gutters until the top sits flush with the edge of the roof. This allows any water rolling off the roof to land inside the gutters without sliding down the wall.

When installing gutters, contractors must take special care to ensure that the gutters connect to the downspouts and other parts of the system. Downspouts ensure that the water inside the gutters does not come into contact with the walls and does not pool around the foundation of the house either. Some contractors will take the extra step of actually pouring water inside the gutter and testing what happens next. If the water doesn't move smoothly across the surface and into the downspouts, they can adjust the angle of the gutters. Homeowners can opt for the installation of gutter guards at the same time that they replace their existing gutters too.

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