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Austin Roofing: Article About Issues Caused By Insufficient Roof Ventilation

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When most homeowners consider the types of problems that will require the assistance of an Austin roofing specialist, they tend to think of exterior issues that cause damage to the interior. While homeowners are right to worry about cracked shingles or damaged flashing causing water damage to the home's interior, there are also roofing issues that begin in the home's interior and cause damage to the exterior. One such instance in which this is the case relates to insufficient roof ventilation. There should be a ventilation system in place that moves air through the attic in such a way that fresh air is introduced while hot air and moisture are forced out.

Insufficient ventilation will result in a number of undesirable outcomes for the homeowner, including an increase in energy costs stemming from the attic's inability to move hot air to the home's exterior. High energy costs are just one of the many issues that can result, however, as insufficient ventilation also allows moisture to build up to levels that can cause widespread damage.

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The combination of hot air and moisture that is allowed to linger in the attic represents ideal conditions for the growth of mold and mildew, which can lead to adverse health issues and cause extensive damage to the roof sheathing.

The moisture and hot air present in a poorly ventilated attic can also lead to additional problems that will affect the life span of the roof. Once moisture seeps through the sheathing, it will begin to dissolve the adhesive that holds the sheathing together and protects the roof from the elements. The decking of the roof will begin to warp and sag, creating a dangerous situation for the homeowner due to the loss of the roof's structural integrity. The decking is not the only component that will experience a detriment as a result of moisture buildup, as the shingles may begin to crack, curl or lose granules. The underlayment's longevity will also be adversely affected by the presence of moisture, so it is imperative that the homeowner ensures that his or her roof is properly ventilated.

In order to improve ventilation, the homeowner can add vents to the roof by installing air chutes, soffit vents, rectangular roof vents, or ridge vents. Each of these roofing components offers various benefits, and it is possible for the homeowner to install these components without professional assistance if they are familiar with roofing. If not, most roofing professionals are well versed with regards to ventilation issues and can recommend and install the right system.

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