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When it comes to protecting a roof from leaks, most homeowners do a good job of keeping their roof well maintained and protected. However, life happens, and damage takes place to even the most prepared homeowner. Knowing what causes roof leaks and how they can be prevented can significantly aid any homeowner in protecting their investment for the long term. Just ask any Austin roofing professional. Below is a guide listing the most common reasons for roof leaks.

One of the first reasons a leak may occur in a roof is because of cracked flashing. When the tar that is used to seal a roof corrodes over time, flashing is left exposed and elements such water and wind can begin to seep into a roof. Broken shingles are also an obvious telltale sign for a leaky roof. This problem is easy enough to spot, however, as broken shingles leave behind obvious discolored patches on a roof that make it easy to spot where a leak is originating from.

Valley breakdown is another factor in causing roof leaks. When a valley isn't properly sealed, the two joining planes of a roof form a highway for water to run down and enter the structures of the home below. Cracked vent booting is a lesser known cause for roof leaks, but it operates much in the same way as an improperly sealed valley.

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In fact, improperly functioning sealant is the primary cause for leaks, just on different areas of a roof.

Skylights are an obvious vulnerability as they are literal light holes built into a roof's structure. Typically, leaks from skylights occur from an improperly measured and fitted skylight but can occur from decayed insulation along its edges. Clogged gutters are also fairly simple to understand in how they cause leaks in a roof. When water cannot travel away from a roof, it begins to pool, and this creates greater opportunities for water to make its way into existing or developing cracks.

Cracked chimneys allow for leaks to occur when the mortar that binds its separate parts together begins to naturally erode over time from harsh weather conditions. Chimney mortar is essentially just a thick mixture of sand, water and cement, so being eroded by the elements is a commonplace occurrence.

Lastly, attic condensation is another form of leaking that is actually not a leak but instead moisture buildup. A lack of ventilation and a difference in temperature between a home's interior and exterior will cause humid air to condense inside of an attic instead of escaping out a roof's ventilation system. This buildup over time can be just as bad as a steady leak and cause roof structures to rot. These are the main causing factors of roofing leaks; and with these factors in mind, every homeowner should be better equipped to protect their home from water damage in the near future.

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