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When it comes to the exterior of a home, each surface plays a vital role. Although every surface, such as siding and windows, is essential for a safe and stable home, the most important surface is also one of the most neglected: The roof. The roof is exposed to a variety of abuses, such as direct sunlight and exposure to harsh elements. Unless the roof is properly covered, the entire home is affected. Composite roofing is a relatively new innovation, and while it features some drawbacks, for millions of homeowners, it's just what the roof doctors ordered.

Austin roofing experts suggest tough, durable materials to withstand the region's harsh temperatures and dry climate. Composite roofing is an ideal choice as it features extended durability due to its synthetic materials. In fact, many composite roofing manufacturers feature a 30 to 50 year warranty. Not only are these roofing shingles capable of withstanding direct sunlight for decades, but with features such as flame-resistant and enhanced insulation, the safety and comfort of a home is significantly boosted.

Composite roofing can be made out of many different materials. As its name suggests, composite shingles are derived from a variety of items, such as fiberglass, polyester, recycled paper and plastic. Materials are layered and then bonded with potent adhesives.

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Another name for this roofing type is asphalt shingles as it's typically coated in granulated asphalt for UV protection and waterproofing. Many homeowners choose composite roofing for environmental reasons because its materials are generally gathered via recycled items.

The appearance of a composite roof is relatively similar to any other roofing material. However, unlike wooden shingles, these materials generally feature a long, rectangular shape, which are overlapped for streamlined installation. Due to its versatility in appearance and installation, composite roofing may be designed to mimic the style of practically any other roofing shingle.

With such a long list of advantages, it's difficult to imagine these roofing shingles have any disadvantages, yet there are several notable considerations a homeowner should be aware of. Perhaps the most widespread drawback to composite shingles is the impact of attic ventilation. Improper ventilation can result in shingle buckling and warping, and cheaper composite shingles are more prone to wind uplift and cracking.

A homeowner must make many considerations when it comes to selecting the ideal roofing materials. Regardless of the final decision, it's essential to remember in the realm of roofing the best materials are those designed to withstand the unique climate and elements of the region.

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