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Homeowners know that they have to properly maintain their roofs if they want them to remain in good working order. However, homeowners may not realize the importance of maintaining their gutters as well. Although gutters can typically last for as long as 40 years if well taken care of, it is important for anyone who owns a home to keep an eye on them throughout the year.

It is a good idea to inspect gutter once annually during good weather and once after it has recently rained. An inspection during good weather allows an individual to look for any signs of rust or any parts of the gutter that may be sagging or broken. An inspection during bad weather makes it possible to observe whether or not water is running off of the roof and away from the home. In the event that any issues are discovered during an inspection, it may be a good idea to call an Austin roofing professional for assistance.

Even if issues are not identified during an informal inspection, homeowners may wish to call a professional to conduct a more formal gutter evaluation once or twice a year. It may also be possible to have the gutters cleaned at this time. Downspouts should also be checked for debris, such as leaves and twigs, to make sure that the water is able to flow away from the foundation after it runs off the gutter.

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Debris should be removed as soon as it is discovered.

Small problems with residential gutters should not be allowed to linger as they could result in larger problems. For instance, if a bolt is loose or missing, it could cause a section of the gutter to come away from the roof. That could cause it to collapse, which could cause damage to the roof itself as well as to the gutter.

In some cases, a roofing company will only repair an entire gutter system even if only a section of it is damaged. Therefore, homeowners may need to budget for this possibility or consider having their entire roof repaired or replaced at the same time. Depending on how old the roof is, it could be the easier and more economical to replace both at once.

Keeping the gutters clear and free from damage is the best way to ensure that they will remain effective for their entire useful life. Proper gutter maintenance may also reduce issues with a home's roof, siding and foundation.

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