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Whether it is installed during the building of a home or when the old roof needs to be replaced, metal roofing is a popular choice. The durability, aesthetic appeal and wide range of colors and styles all make this roofing ideal for residential use. Unfortunately, some problems may develop after the installation of a metal roof. Homeowners should become familiar with the most common problems with metal roofing so they can contact an Austin Roofing service for repairs when a situation arises.

The most common issue in metal roofs is a leak. A leaky roof may be the result of loose flashing, a puncture in the metal, or from a loose or missing fastener. Improper installation technique may also cause leaking in a metal roofing system. As soon as a homeowner notices the sign of water in the attic, ceilings or walls of a home, the problems should be addressed by a roofer.

Another common problem with metal roofs is blow offs. This phenomenon happens when missing or loose copper or aluminum flashing allows water or wind to uplift the sheet metal or shingles. The flashing or shingles then blows off, allowing water to penetrate the roof's substructure. Blow offs most commonly happen during or after a severe weather event such as a windstorm, hailstorm or tornado.

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Puncturing or tearing of the shingles is another issue that can happen on a metal roof. Punctures or tears in metal shingles are a consequence of too much pressure on the roof. Walking around on the roof, especially during the installation process, is a common cause of excess roof pressure. Impacts with tree branches or other blunt or sharp objects can also cause punctured metal shingles.

If the metal roof is not properly drained or has a low slope, it may develop ponding. When water ponds on the rooftop, its weight may cause the substructure of the roof to collapse. Standing water on a home's roof may also result in leaking as the water finds its way into the home's attic space or walls. Ponding of water on a metal roof typically happens after a heavy rainstorm. The property owner may be able to push or sweep some of the excess water off the roof with a specialty roofing brush. A wet and dry vacuum may also be used to suction water off the roof although great care is needed in order to avoid further damage to the structure.

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