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Austin Roofing: Article About Metal Roofing Pros and Cons

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Metal roofs served as an alternative to wood roofs when first introduced. Commonly used in parts of the American south for centuries, the popularity of these roofs caught on in cities and states across the country. Long known for their durability, metal roofs usually feature a steel or copper base and may include some decorative elements added to the front. Though Austin roofing companies can easily handle the installation or replacement of a metal roof, these companies want homeowners to think about the pros and cons of metal roofs before deciding whether this material is what they really want.

Corrosion is easily the most common problem associated with a metal roof. Though less commonly found in roofs with metal shingles on top, corrosion can affect any type of metal. This occurs due to exposure to any type of moisture, but it often occurs because of rain. If the roof suffers from any type of sagging, this can prevent the water from rolling off the roof and leave the metal constantly exposed to the water. As the metal rusts and corrodes, the water can slowly eat through the roof and eventually eat through both the underlayment and the ceiling of the home.

Installing a metal roof requires different steps than the installation of a traditional shingle roof.

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Contractors must use fasteners that keep the large sheets of metal attached to the roof. High winds can knock the fasteners loose, but the fasteners may also rust during periods of high rainfall. Some homeowners also find that these roofs are much louder. The metal amplifies the sound of rain falling against the roof and of animals moving about overhead. Other homeowners may find that they actually like the sounds produced by the rain.

Homeowners must also think about the advantages of metal roofs. These roofs can last for quite a long time, and some homes have roofs that are over a century old. Contractors can apply a sealant that extends the life of the roof and prevents rusting of the metal. These roofs also come in several types, including metal shingles and metal panels. Metal panels have a classic and traditional look that many find appealing.

Some manufacturers even make metal shingles that resemble slate or another type of natural stone. These shingles typically cost less than stone does. Local roofing companies have experienced contractors who can explain more about the pros and cons of metal roofing and install these type of roofs.

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