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When many people think of metal roofing, what may come to mind are the corrugated panels that look like they should be on a commercial building. However, things have changed dramatically in recent years as manufacturers have begun to develop metal roofing products that mimic the look of classic shingles. During the manufacturing process, steel is covered by slate or shake to give the shingles an appearance that mirrors these popular materials. In fact, people can now find steel shake and slate roofing materials that will look great with almost any architectural style from many Austin roofing installers.

However, there are a number of myths that persist about the use of metal roofing. Some people believe that using roofing materials like steel slate and shake will make a home colder in the winter. This is not the case as it is actually the home's insulation that determines the indoor temperature. Individuals also think that you cannot walk on a metal roof. While home owners should check with their roofing manufacturer to ensure safety, it is definitely possible to walk on a metal roof without causing damage or injury.

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People may be concerned that metal roofing like steel slate and shake is particularly susceptible to hail damage, this is not true. While very large hailstones can damage any kind of roof, metal roofing will be fine during a normal hailstorm. In fact, minor denting will not even be visible if home owners have textured steel slate and shake shingles installed.

Individuals may also worry about what could potentially happen to their roof during storms and when it is raining. Roofs covered with steel slate and shake shingles are extremely quiet. Also, contrary to what some may think, metal roofing will not increase the likelihood of lightning striking because, while metal does conduct electricity, electricity is not drawn to it.

In fact, the benefits that people can get from installing steel slate and shake roofing can be great. These roofing systems are very durable and can last for 40 years or even longer with proper care. In addition, they are energy efficient as they create a barrier between the shingles and the homes roof deck that helps to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the home all year round. They are often partially made from recycled steel, and they are particularly lightweight for being made using metal. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to other roofing options available. With this, steel slate and shake roofing is a great solution for almost any home.

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