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Clay roofing tiles are a popular choice for homeowners who live in the Southern areas of the United States because they create a unique, rustic appearance, and they can withstand excessive amounts of intense heat exposure. Many individuals like the Spanish influenced aesthetics associated with clay tiled roofs, and, although they offer maximum longevity in hot climates, they are equally ideal for any type of climate. Homeowners who are interested in learning about how they can benefit from having a clay tiled roof installed are encouraged to contact an experienced Austin Roofing contractor, who can provide a detailed estimate as well as an overview about the installation process. Here is a basic overview about clay tiles.

Clay tiles are constructed from fired clay, and they can be fragile in nature. They can easily crack or break if they are not properly maintained, and it is not uncommon for fallen tree branches to damage the tiles. Because of their delicate nature, homeowners are encouraged to stay off the surface of the roof because walking on the tiles can damage them. Professional contractors will use extra caution when inspecting the tiles for this reason.

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With the exception of their susceptibility to becoming damaged from direct contact, clay tiles actually have an incredibly long life expectancy. Since they are forged in a firing process, they are durable and offer great protection against the elements. Many homeowners appreciate that their beautiful color will not fade because of sun exposure, and they provide enhanced insulation for the home, making its atmosphere much cooler during the hot summer months. This feature can allow homeowners to save money on energy bills.

Clay tiles are very sturdy, and they are wind and fire resistant. They feature very high FM Approval ratings. As compared to other types of roofing shingles, they are more porous in nature, but they do not retain any more water than other types of shingles do. When roofing contractors install clay tiles in climates that are prone to heavy snowfall or ice, they can install tiles that are particularly resistant to harsh winter weather.

One of the maintenance tasks associated with clay roofing tiles is managing damaged or missing tiles. Homeowners should quickly contact a roofing contractor if they discover any deterioration. It is imperative that the tiles be replaced in a timely manner because it could cause the other tiles in the surrounding areas to become susceptible to damage as well.

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