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Austin Roofing: Article About Preparing Your Roof For Summer

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Homeowners are often familiar with prepping their roof for the winter season due to harsh weather that occurs each year. The structure should also be cared for before the summer season arrives due to record breaking temperatures that are becoming more common. Excessive sun exposure, thunderstorms, and plenty of heat can wreak havoc on roofs unless certain steps are taken to protect it.

Homeowners who want to protect their roof and even cool the interior of their home should consider painting the roof white or even using tiles or shingles of a light shade. Although this will alter the aesthetics of the property, it will lead to energy savings and can prevent excess damage due to solar reflectance.

If you're anticipating thunderstorms during the summer season, it's important to consider having impact resistant asphalt shingles installed by an Austin roofing professional. This will protect the roof from 1.5 inch diameter hail and also prevent leaks from developing, which can lead to water damage in the home if protection isn't provided.

A roofer should come out to the home during the spring season to inspect the roof before the temperatures begin to increase. The professional will examine the gables, look at the side walls of the roof, and also check the roof for missing shingles or tiles.

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Experts recommend that homeowner use roof coating on their home to protect the structure from harmful IR and UV rays. The coating works similarly to sunblock and will last a total of 10 years before it needs to be reapplied. This will work as a waterproof membrane to prevent excess wear on the home for proper solar reflectance that will reduce the amount of heat that the home attracts. The coating ultimately reduces roof temperatures to preserve the materials on the home and even cool the interior space for additional energy savings.

Homeowners should also ensure that their attic is properly insulated, which will work to reduce the heat of the temperature of the roof. Roofs do not have proper insulation are prone to be 50 degrees warmer than the outside temperature, causing the roofing materials to break down at a faster rate. This will also prevent the roof from drying out by becoming less warm.

With the right steps taken to protect your roof during the summer season, you'll increase the structure's lifespan and protect the interior space from damage that can occur due to environmental elements.

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