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Austin Roofing: Article About Pros and Cons Of Reroofing

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Finding an affordable roofing option requires understanding the various roofing systems as well as what factors can contribute to a higher overall cost of the new roof. Some factors, such as the choice of high end slate or Spanish tile roof, will certainly end up making a new roof much more expensive than a fiberglass shingle or even metal roof. In many cases, homeowners can also choose to have their home reroofed, saving on the initial cost of their new roof.

Reroofing is an industry wide practice, and something an Austin roofing contractor will be able to provide. However, it might not be cost as effective as many homeowners think, especially in the long run. Homeowners can definitely save a significant amount of money on the installation of a new roof. However, when the old roof is left on, the cost savings are generally due to the fact that the labor costs of reroofing have been reduced. Unfortunately, these kind of savings are only temporary because the original roof will need to come off at some point.

Of course, for homeowners who are planning to remodel in the next few years or who expect to sell their home in the near future, reroofing can be a good decision.

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It is also an affordable way to get a new roof when one might not otherwise be able to financially handle the cost of a roof tear off.

Another factor that can greatly impact the overall savings of a reroofing project is the fact that the new roof will typically have a much lower life expectancy. Roofing shingles often come with a 25 or 30 year warranty. However, this is for shingles that are installed on a clean roof deck. Installing new shingles over the uneven surface of the previous shingles can dramatically reduce their longevity, leaving the homeowner in need of a new roof installation much sooner than anticipated.

Losing years on the service of a new roof can cost a homeowner a great deal of money. Additionally, reroofing usually means higher cooling bills. The added shingles that are placed on a home that is reroofed can make the home much less energy efficient. Heat gets trapped between the layers of shingles and homeowners end up paying more money to cool their home.

While it is certainly understandable that a homeowner would want to find ways to reduce the cost of roofing their home, it is important that they clearly understand the impact of their decision. Reroofing can be an excellent way to save money or even provide an effective roof for a short time, but, in the long run, this option often costs homeowners more money. If a homeowner wants a long term solution, a tear off is often the most cost effective option.

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