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Homeowners should make sure their roofs are protected from hazards like hurricanes and summer storms. Major storms can damage homes with hail, wind or flooding. Minor wear or damage can turn into a major problem. A knowledgeable Austin roofing professional can help homeowners inspect their roofs for problems and prepare for storms and changing seasons. Here are some tips to prevent damage and protect roofs from the elements.

Most homes are built to hold the roof up, not down. To hold the roof on during the high winds of a hurricane, homeowners can install hurricane straps, clips and anchor belts. They correct for the upward and lateral lifting forces of caused by the winds. Galvanized straps securely attached to the walls and foundation keep the roof attached to the house. A typical home could require hundreds of straps, but they cost as little as 50 cents each. They're usually sold by the box or in coils. They're easy to install on new homes, but adding hurricane straps to an existing roof is more difficult.

Homeowners should consider installing hurricane glass in windows and skylights. It's a larger initial investment, but many insurers offer discounts for installation.

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It's also less hassle than boarding up windows and skylights every time a major storm is forecasted. Boarded up windows also let thieves know that a house is empty. Hurricane glass is usually three eights of an inch thick, and it has a coating similar to the safety glass used in car windshields. That way, the glass will stay in the frame if it gets broken. It also blocks outside noise and filters out harmful ultraviolet rays.

Hail, straight line winds and even tornadoes are possible in a simple summer storm. About 10,000 thunderstorms are labeled by the National Weather Service as severe every storm season. For additional protection, homeowners can apply roofing cement under the shingle tabs and the edges of the roof with a caulking gun for additional protection from wind caused by hurricanes and storms. Run a bead of construction adhesive along the seams between the rafters and the roof decking to provide added strength.

Homeowners should check the condition of their roof before bad weather or at least once a year. Use binoculars to look for debris on the roof or missing or damaged shingles. Then, check the attic check ceilings and interior walls for signs of leaks and staining. Cut away dead or weak tree limbs that could fall and damage the roof in a storm.

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