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Austin Roofing: Article About Recognizing Signs Of Possible Roof Collapse

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While many homeowners associate roof collapse with a severe storm, the fact is that a roof can collapse at any time if the underlying structure has been compromised. The good news for homeowners is that roof collapse is often proceeded by earlier warning signs. An Austin roofing professional can help homeowners spot possible issues that should be taken care of sooner rather than later by assessing overall roof integrity and making recommendations.

One of the most obvious signs of a possible roof collapse is a sagging or a clearly uneven surface. Even slight sagging can create spots on a roof where water can gather and add extra weight. If sagging is localized to one part of a roof, odds are good that repairs can be made to that specific area without affecting the rest of the roof structure. However, a roofing professional will still inspect the entire roof to determine if there are other immediate problems.

Cracked or split wood is often a sign of rot. If rot is limited to the fascia board, it can usually be corrected by simply replacing that part of the roof. The issue with rot is that it's not always limited to a single part of the roof, especially with older roof structures.

Any deformities within the roofing structure can eventually lead to roof collapse if problems aren't corrected. Troublesome deformities can include cracks in exterior masonry, loose siding and ripples or bends in roof supports.

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Bent, missing or rusted framing screws can also create deformities in supporting structures. While such structural deficiencies are more likely to occur with older roofing systems, roofs that weren't properly installed or repaired are just as likely to have failing or damaged components.

Signs that a roof may be in danger of collapsing can also be spotted from the inside of a home. Roof sagging can also result in either obvious or subtle sagging along interior ceilings adjacent to the roof. A failing roof structure can also lead to cracks along walls, leaks and sprinkler heads dropping below ceiling tiles due to a lack of support at the point of attachment. Subtle internal signs of an issue with roof integrity may include doors and windows that are suddenly hard to open, doors opening on their own and occasional cracking sounds coming from the roof that can be heard from inside of the home.

When roof collapse is likely, most roofing professionals tend to recommend replacement rather than repairs unless the identified problems are clearly isolated to a single portion of the roof. If a roof was compromised because of a flawed design, changing the pitch and opting for newer roofing materials more likely to withstand temperature changes and varying weather conditions can result in a roof that will remain safe and structurally sound.

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