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There are many reasons behind shingle deterioration. When shingles lose their ability to protect a roof from ultraviolet light and water damage, it is essential that these damaged structures are replaced in a timely fashion. It may be tempting for a homeowner to simply lay new shingles over old ones, but this is a shortcut that should be avoided regardless of circumstances. Not only will failing to remove the original shingles create more problems, it is also completely unnecessary since it does not save much time or effort for the homeowner.

Among the many Austin roofing issues that professionals encounter, damaged and degraded shingles are among the most common. Shingles degrade over time and may become damaged due to inclement weather or poor installation. When the shingles begin to degrade, they become less efficient at providing the roof with adequate protection. This is especially the case when granule loss is apparent, and allowing shingle degradation to go unaddressed can lead to even greater problems due to water damage or other roofing issues. Since shingle replacement is a simple and straightforward task, continued maintenance should not be a large inconvenience for the homeowner.

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The first step is to find matching shingles for the existing roof. In certain cases, the homeowner has access to some leftover shingles from the initial roof installation. If that is not the case, it should not be difficult to find shingles that are a match or at least resemble the shingles used on the original roof. Once a match is found, the homeowner should choose a day when it is neither too warm nor too cold, as extreme temperatures can make the job more difficult and more uncomfortable.

Since shingles are installed in courses, two courses above the broken or damaged shingle will have to be loosened. Using a flat pry bar, the homeowner should lift the nails out by working from beneath each shingle, as doing so will avoid damaging shingles that are not in need of replacement. Once the nails have been removed, the damaged shingle can be taken out and replaced with a new one, which should be nailed in place slightly above where the original nails were. This process should then be repeated for however many damaged shingles require replacement. The homeowner should recognize that it is a mistake to simply install new shingles on top of old shingles, especially since removal and replacement is a relatively easy process.

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