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When it comes to protecting a home from the elements, there's no more important component than the roof. A quality roof is often the single biggest investment a homeowner will make, and it needs to be able to stand up to the heavy rain, large hail, high winds and extreme temperatures that are part of life in Texas. No roofing material is immune to wear and tear over time, and eventually any roof will begin to degrade if left untreated. Worn or damaged roofing materials may allow water, pests and other unwanted elements to penetrate the roof, leading to a reduced lifespan and possibly even more extensive damage down the road.

Austin roofing experts recommend that homeowners have their roofs inspected by a professional at least once per year. A roofing expert will closely inspect the entirety of the roof, identifying any weak spots or signs of deterioration and ensuring that it's performing as intended. A well maintained roof can last beyond its expected lifespan, potentially saving the homeowner significant replacement costs and providing protection against further damage. A regularly inspected and well maintained roof also increases the resale value of a home if the homeowner should ever decide to sell.

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In between professional inspections, homeowners should also monitor their roofs for signs of damage and deterioration. Though using a ladder may afford the best view, many warning signs can be spotted from the safety of the ground with a good pair of binoculars. Broken, missing or warped shingles are easy to identify, and they should be replaced as soon as possible to protect the integrity of the roof. Unfortunately, wood shingles or shakes can be more difficult to assess since they can sometimes appear healthy on the surface despite suffering from cracking or decay underneath. Metal flashing is a common problem area as well, as it may become corroded, warped or separated from the roof over time.

Another easily identifiable sign of wear is the buildup of asphalt shingle granules in rain gutters or on the ground near downspouts. These small mineral grains are embedded into the surface of asphalt shingles to protect against damaging ultraviolet rays and to provide an attractive aesthetic. Asphalt hardens over time, losing the ability to retain its protective granules. While a small amount of granule loss is not unusual, a sudden shedding of granules is an indication that the roof may be nearing the end of its intended lifespan. Homeowners are recommended to contact a roofing professional for a more detailed evaluation if they identify one or more of these warning signs.

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