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Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions regarding Austin roofing is the type of severe weather this region may experience. Although the thought of a hurricane afflicting the Austin metro area seems far fetched, the City of Austin Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management states the threat of hurricane force winds and severe hurricane related weather is a very real possibility. Because of this, Austin homeowner's must take the necessary steps to safeguard their home by securing the roof. Roughly 95 percent of insurance claims from hurricane related storms experienced some level of roof damage. Moreover, roof damage can result in immediate and long-term problems such as mold accumulation and structural damage due to water.

The first step in preparing a roof for hurricane season is to inspect the quality and stability of shingles. While newer shingles are generally designed to withstand the impact of winds reaching 150 mph, older shingles may only withstand winds up to 60 mph. Because strong wings literally lift shingles from their base to expose internal roofing membranes, it's best to install six nailed shingles rather than the traditional four nailed variety. To further enhance protection, apply a coating of roof adhesive over any loose shingles. This process should be done annually at the start of hurricane season to actively prevent wind related damage.

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There are times when a roofing system is generally weak due to age or wear and tear. When this is the case, a roofing contractor should be contacted to conduct reinforcement maintenance. Roofing reinforcement may involve many steps such as literally strapping roofing materials to the home structure or installing metal strips to prevent roof sections from becoming dislodged during high winds. Due to the likelihood of tornadoes in the Austin area, such reinforcements are recommended by local authorities.

There are times when an existing roof is simply too old or damaged to be truly reinforced. When a homeowner faces the reality of an aging roof, the most effective preventative step is to install a new, strong roof. Although the cost associated with the installation of a new roof may be high, it's worth the investment when the importance of this structure is taken into consideration. During the remodeling process, select materials capable of withstanding hurricane force winds and inquire about reinforcing roofing beams through the use of metal fasteners. While the initial investment may be high, it's always cheaper than facing serious roof and home damage following a bout of sever weather.

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