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A homeowner should be very concerned if they believe that they have a leak somewhere in their roof. What can start as a very small hole can turn into a much larger problem, such as unhealthy mold growth or damage to the internal structure. If a leak is suspected, a discovery process should be started. This can be done by an Austin roofing specialist that has expertise in diagnosing and repairing water leaks. Meanwhile, the homeowner can speed up the process by tracking down the source of a leak.

If the owner of a home suspects that there is running water leaking through their roof, they should take a few steps to find the problem. Unfortunately, locating the spot where water is leaking can be troubling. Leaks can hide behind the interior walls, ceilings and floors of a home. A few clues will help a homeowner spot a possible leak. These clues include damp drywall, discoloration or paint that is peeling. In addition, a musty odor may be present due to a mixture of water and wood.

If the rooms of a home are all clear and show no signs of a leak, the next step is to head to the attic. Generally, if there is a roof leak, there will be some signs of it appearing in the top level of a home. With a bright light source, homeowners should examine all corners and crevices of the attic.

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The most obvious signs will be dripping water, but dampness or a musty odor may also be observed if a leak is present. Once the origin of a leak is discovered, someone will need to safely go to the top of the roof and examine the roofing material. While this is being done, a partner should stay inside of the attic and confirm where water is causing a problem.

If a homeowner climbs on top of their roof and does not immediately spot a leak, roofing shingles may have to be removed. This step should only be completed by individuals who feel safe on the roof and confident that they will be able to assess problems with roof integrity or problems with roofing material such as cupping. When shingles are removed during this process, a person should look for rot or stained areas. Often, leaks will occur around structures that coincide with the roof. These may include vents or chimneys with seams that have worn down over time.

Utilizing these steps for discovering a leak will help determine the size of a problem and challenge that a homeowner faces. A home contractor that specializes in roofing can give a clear assessment of the damage and provide an estimate of the time, labor and materials that would be needed to remedy an existing leak.

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