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Austin Roofing: Article About Shingle Composition and Proper Treatment

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Austin roofing with an asphalt surface will usually be carried out with shingles of consistent size and composition. Unless there is a special reason to vary the materials, most roofers will purchase all the shingles that will be necessary in the same size and shape at the beginning of the job. It is not difficult for them to calculate the approximate number of shingles needed from precise measurements of the roof.

It will always be necessary for a roofing team to cut some shingles to size. This will occur even if special starter shingles and hip shingles are procured. Hip roofs and valleys will require shaping of the shingle at the point where the two slopes meet, and the straight edges of a roof will still need the shingle to be cut to the right width.

Instead of slicing a shingle down to be so narrow that it can only hold one nail, the roofer will usually two larger pieces and cut a substantial amount off of both of them. There is no reason to not cut away large pieces as they can always be reused later on that course or further up the roof.

Although some may measure cuts by eye or trim a shingle on the spot in order to achieve that perfect fit, many roofing teams find the best results are obtained by carefully measuring the area that must be filled and then cutting the shingle at a cutting station.

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Angles and distances are easier to match when there is a miter box and metal ruler to cut against.

Asphalt shingles are far easier to cut when they are warm. They also cut with a straighter edge, causing them to fit together more precisely. If the weather is too cold, then the shingles will not cut properly at all. In such circumstances, professional roofers will bring a heater or heat lamp that can soften the shingles. Most roofing teams will avoid bending the shingles as it tends to be very bad for the composition of the shingle. Once the shingle is bent, they will not be able to unbend it. The shingle will always be weak along the line of the fold.

Shingles are also vulnerable to tearing, and it may occur accidentally during the construction process. Since the purpose of the shingle requires that it lie flat, a qualified roofer will trim away any damaged portions and discard them. They will also know that it is important to throw away any portions that have been torn off of the nails.

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