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During a remodeling project or the installation of new roofing, many homeowners like to spruce up their homes with the addition of a skylight. However, before undertaking this sort of an addition, property owners should be aware of some issues that can arise during or after the installation process. Any problems that result from the skylight, such as a leaking roof, will need to be promptly addressed by an experienced Austin roofing contractor.

When a skylight is built into a roof, a hole must be cut out of the existing layers of roofing materials. During the creation of this hole, water has an opportunity to gain entry into the wood and substructure of the rooftop. Water leaks are the most common problem during the installation of skylights.

Once the skylight is put into place, additional concerns may arise. Incorrect or insufficient caulking may allow drafts or water to enter the home's attic space. This can result in damage to a truss, rafter or the ridge board. Once these materials become wet, they may start to rot. As wood rots, it begins to sag. A sagging roof will no longer be able to support its own weight or the weight of the skylight.

Loose or missing flashing around the skylight's perimeter may also cause water to leak into the home.

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Improperly installed flashing allows wind to lift up the neighboring shingles, which can increase the damage caused to the roof. Uplifted shingles allow even more water to gain access to the house. If there is more than one layer of asphalt shingles on the roof, this increases the risk of the skylight leaking. When a skylight is installed, the workers should use the flashing strips that were included in the supplies kit since most manufacturers of skylights will only warranty the unit if the original parts were used.

When a homeowner wants to install a skylight but the roof is more than 10 years old, replacing the roof at the same time as installing the light may be a wise option. This is because an asphalt shingle roof that is 10 years old has reached half of its life expectancy and is likely showing signs of wear and tear. Replacing it concurrently with the installation of a skylight ensures that no patching needs to be done and minimizes the risk of any leaks. Any faulty trusses or rafters can also be replaced at this time in order to ensure that the roof can bear the weight of the skylight.

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