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There are many situations in life that a homeowner cannot predict. Whether it's the onset of a leaking pipe or an electrical problem, none are as potentially threatening to the livelihood of home occupants than a severely damaged roof. The most common cause of roof damage is from a bad weather. In severe cases, what begins as a standard thunderstorm can result in serious roof damage. Austin roofing contractors are well aware of the damage that may be caused by severe thunderstorms. Although the damage to a roof may vary, the steps that should be taken after such damage occurs are universally similar.

The first step in handling a roofing disaster is to assess the damage. Accurate damage assessments assist insurance companies and roofing contractors when it comes to determining initial costs and repair requirements. When surveying a roof for damage, use binoculars and carefully scan all portions of the roofing surface. Note any visible damage, and, if possible, capture images through a digital camera. Look carefully to determine if there are missing or warped shingles.

Review the structure for signs of exposed tarpaper, plywood or roofing beams. Make note of the color of shingles and the exact areas of a roof where damage is present. Cultivating these notes, even before an insurance adjuster or contractor arrives, helps place a timestamp on the damage.

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The moments following a roofing disaster are imperative to ensure a homeowner receives ample compensation.

Depending on the severity of damage, it may be required to safeguard interior spaces from further environmental damage. For example, should the roof be penetrated by a tree limb, water collection buckets may need to be placed in the attic or on the upper floors to prevent water damage. If the structure is severely marred, wrapping furniture in plastic tarps and placing waterproof coverings over other items may be necessary.

After surveying roof damage, it's time to contact the insurance company. Even if the damage is not large enough to file an insurance claim, it's best to notify a homeowner's insurance company before moving forward. Should a natural disaster effect an entire neighborhood, it may be best to go through an insurance company as roofing contractors can become overwhelmed with repair requests.

Perhaps the most important factor to remember when it comes to roofing damage is to evaluate whether or not its structure is compromised. Should the roof become severely afflicted by severe weather, the home may not be safe to stay in until necessary repairs are completed.

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