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When heavy storms hit, it's not unusual for roofs to sustain some type of damage. Sometimes it's just a few missing shingles, but storms can also create extensive damage, such as ripping off entire sections of the roof. Whether the storm brings hail or high winds, it is important for a homeowner to inspect their roof for signs of damage. A reputable Austin roofing contractor will be able to help with the inspection and provide a detailed estimate for any repairs that are needed.

Of course, before any repairs are made, it is important that the homeowner contact their insurance company. Many people have homeowner's insurance that will cover some types of storm damage. Insurance policies can vary widely, so it is important that homeowners know what their policy covers and what it doesn't. It's also a good idea to take pictures, so that there is a record of the damage.

The insurance company will send out a claims adjuster to look over the damage. The adjuster will make note of the damages, including signs of pre-existing damage or neglect.

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The insurance settlement will be based on this inspection and the company's estimation for repairs, so it is important that the adjuster does not miss any hidden damage or repair issues that could increase the actual repair costs.

Some homeowners find it very helpful to have an experienced roofing contractor present when the insurance adjuster is assessing the damages. While no reputable contractor would try to claim damages that don't exist, a good roofing contractor can help ensure that nothing is missed. There's no doubt that the insurance adjuster will be knowledgeable about roofing damage and repair costs, but even a professional can make mistakes or overlook important items. A roofing contractor can help protect the interests of the homeowner while also helping the homeowner to understand the claim process. Additionally, a professional roofing company will provide temporary solutions as to the best way a homeowner can ensure their home is protected before repairs are completed.

Once the insurance company has processed the claim, it's time to make sure the roof is fixed. Of course, finding a reputable contractor who can repair or replace the roof is important. If the roof has metal shingles, concrete tiles, clay tiles or even slate, finding a contractor with experience repairing and working with these roofing materials is imperative. A great deal of damage can occur when inexperienced roofers try to repair materials that they've never worked with before.

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