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Austin Roofing: Article About The Dangers Of Roof Damage

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When damage to a roof becomes noticeable, it has already been deteriorating over time. Bad roofs get worse when they're exposed to the elements, until they are unable to protect homes. Many bad roofs don't look too bad from the ground, so homeowners should inspect their roofs more closely to catch problems before they spread. They can also use an expert Austin roofing professional for added convenience.

Hail and high winds often cause missing or damaged shingles, and the underlying materials could be damaged as well. Damaged underlayment can cause serious problems during the next rain storm or when summer temperatures start to rise. If underlying materials are damaged, there could be gaps, cracks or weak spots in the roof structure. These let water into the home, and temperature changes can quickly make a small crack or gap into a large one.

Water damage can cause drywall to buckle and paint to peel. It also damages insulation in the attic, raising bills for heating and cooling. Algae, mold and mildew are attracted to moist environments. Algae causes unsightly black streaks on the outside of roofs, and it can even eat the limestone in asphalt shingles. Mold or mildew can infiltrate an attic through a leak in the roof, and then spread to the rest of a home.

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Mold causes a wide range of health problems, from itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing to asthma attacks and even lung damage. It's very hard to get rid of after it starts growing in a home, and professional mold cleanup could cost thousands of dollars. One of the first signs is often a musty smell. Other signs of water damage include loose or missing shingles from the valleys of the roof line and a warped or sagging roof deck. Support beams weakened by water or termites could even cause the roof to eventually collapse.

Regular inspections from a professional could lower homeowners' insurance, and a record of a recent inspection makes filing an insurance claim much easier. Have roofs inspected when seasons change and after major storms to catch problems like small leaks or missing or damaged shingles. Otherwise, they could spread until roofs must be replaced and even damage the rest of the home. Roofs are one of the main supporting structures of buildings, as well as important protective coverings. Enough damage to a roof could jeopardize the integrity of walls and other parts of the home.

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