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Austin Roofing: Article About The Importance Of Proper Insulation

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Proper insulation helps to keep the home cooler during the hot summer months and warmer during the cold winter months, which can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower electricity bills. While it is important that the home's walls, ceilings and floors are properly padded, it is also extremely important to ensure that the roof is properly insulated and ventilated. Whenever Austin Roofing inspectors examine the components of a roof, they look for signs of improper ventilation, and they might recommend that additional ventilation be installed. This could help to improve air flow, ensuring that the roof is in top notch condition for years to come.

It is not uncommon for roofing inspectors to discover that the insulation in the attic area has become packed due to excessive moisture buildup or age, which can cause the insulation's R Value to decrease. Contractors can install new insulation on top of the existing insulation in order to remedy this problem.

Depending on the local climate, different homes might benefit from different R Values. Homes that are located in colder climates should use materials with higher R Values, although any home can benefit from higher R Values.

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There are a variety of insulation materials that roofing contractors can install, including fiberglass batts, loose fill, spray foam and fiberboard. Here is a basic overview about each type.

Fiberglass batts come in large rolls that can be laid over the rafters, and they are most frequently installed in sloped structures because it is easier for contractors to fit them into tight corners. Many homeowners make the mistake of attempting to install the material themselves. Fiberglass batts, however, are one of the most improperly installed types of insulation materials because even the smallest gap can significantly reduce its insulating abilities.

Roofing contractors often install fiberboard insulation in homes that feature flat roofs. The material comes in large squares, and they easily fit next to each other without gaps on a level surface.

Loose fill is an excellent choice for homes that feature sloped roofs because it can either be inserted by hand or blown in, which easily fills every square inch of harder to reach areas. Since it is more difficult to apply, homeowners are encouraged to work with a professional in order to ensure that the material is properly installed.

While the costs of having additional insulation installed might be relatively expensive, homeowners will definitely reap the benefits of making the investment because of their lower energy bills. Insulation can also increase the roof's longevity, so the initial investment is well worth it.

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