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Austin Roofing: Article About The Most Commonly Installed Gutter Type

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The most commonly installed type of gutter is aluminum gutters because they are able to hold more water than wooden gutters; they also do not feature as many drawbacks as other gutter types. High quality aluminum gutters will never rust, which means they will not begin to corrode over a period of time. Even though aluminum gutters can easily dent if a tree branch falls on them, they tend to offer great leak protection and enhanced durability.

Austin roofing professionals are often contacted to repair rotted soffit and fascia after the homeowner's gutters have failed to properly route water away from the perimeter of the roof. While this common dilemma can be caused by debris that has become clogged inside the gutters and caused water to back up, in many cases, the issue is caused by faulty gutter systems. Inadequate gutters can also allow water to pool at the base of the home, which can wreak major havoc to the foundation and cause water to eventually flood into the basement area as well.

Fortunately, aluminum gutters are relatively inexpensive, so replacing old, leaky gutters with brand new aluminum gutter system is completely achievable.

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Whenever homeowners are selecting new aluminum gutters, it is important to select the thickest version possible, which will provide enhanced protection from water leaks. Primary aluminum is the thickest version on the market, but secondary aluminum is also a great choice because it is constructed with recycled materials and is friendly to the environment.

Homeowners who live in warmer climates like the South can select medium weight aluminum gutters, but homeowners who live in climates that experience heavy snowfall should consider purchasing heavy weight gutters. While aluminum gutters can be painted virtually any color in order to perfectly match the home's exterior, purchasing unpainted gutters is an ideal choice for homeowners who are concerned about their budget. As long as unpainted gutters are not installed in areas that are exposed to salty air such as coastal regions, they are very durable.

Aluminum gutters come in two basic sizes: 5 inch or 6 inch. Most homes feature 5 inch gutters, but a 6 inch gutter system can handle more water, which might be an ideal solution for homeowners who live in areas that experience frequent heavy rainfall or flooding.

Aluminum gutters can also be purchased in a variety of finishes based on homeowner preference. They can feature a more natural, shiny look, be covered with a thin layer of vinyl material, or feature a factory backed enamel.

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