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Austin Roofing: Article About Upgrades To Consider While Reroofing

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Reroofing is a cost effective roofing method where a new surface layer is installed over an existing roof. It's an increasingly popular choice among homeowners looking give their roof a new look without investing in a complete replacement. However, before deciding whether or not to reroof, it's a good idea for homeowners to consult with an Austin roofing professional to determine the quality of their existing roof and its supporting structures.

While planning a reroofing with a local roofing contractor, homeowners can further boost the life expectancy of their roof by completing other cost effective upgrades at the same time. One such upgrade is an airtight chimney cap. The purpose of such a cap, which can be easily opened from inside of the home by the fireplace, is to eliminate the exchange of outdoor and indoor air when the fireplace isn't being used. In addition to boosting a home's energy efficiency, it can also prevent birds from calling a chimney their home.

For homeowners dealing with dryrot on a regular basis, the solution is to have drip flashing installed during a reroofing to provide an added layer of protection against moisture. Drip flashing adds very little to the cost of a reroofing. However, it's a step that can prevent costly repairs and increase home value.

A lack of ventilation can literally turn attics into ovens, and the heat radiates down to lower levels of the home and put added strain on air conditioning systems.

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Ridge vents, barely noticeable from the street, can be installed beneath ridge cap shingles during a reroofing to keep attics cooler.

Homeowners may also want to think about installing more energy efficiency shingles. Newer reflective shingles, for instance, come in an assortment of colors while offering increased energy efficiency by reflecting the sun's rays and reemitting any absorbed heat.

Having low maintenance gutters installed during a reroofing can give homeowners one less thing to worry about when it comes to routine home upkeep. Some newer gutter systems have curved hoods while others are seamless, which reduces the risk of cracks developing following heavy storms.

Most building codes allow for no more than two or three layers on a roof, meaning that reroofing is a better option for homes that haven't had previous surface replacements. Too many roofing layers can also add extra weight to a roof that can compromise the overall structural integrity of a roof system. The good news is that, as long as there are no problems with the roof deck, a reroof is likely to be the better option and an excellent opportunity to consider some additional roof upgrades.

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