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Austin Roofing: Article About Warning Signs Of A Bad Roof

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Fixing a roof is sometimes expensive, but repairing a roof costs much less than replacing it will. Many homeowners do not realize that there are some clear warning signs that can indicate a roof is in danger of failing. They assume that the only warning signs are the leaks that sometimes form in a ceiling. Those who learn how to identify the warning signs are the ones who can contact an Austin roofing company and take care of the problem before the cost of the repair spirals outside of their budgets.

The best way to identify problems is with a professional inspection. Roofing companies perform these inspections every day, and contractors working for those companies have a clear idea of what to look for in relation to the shingles. One sign of a problem is missing granules. Without those granules, shingles have no real defense against weather conditions. Professionals will also look for signs of curling. If the edges of the shingles curl over, this can indicate that the shingles need replacing. Other problems relating to the shingles include cracks and breaks in the shingles and bare patches on the roof where there are no shingles.

Though shingles are an important part of a roof, there are other parts that are equally important, including the flashing, decking and underlayment.

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Miniature holes or pinholes found in the roof are a clear sign that homeowners need a new roof. Professionals typically look for these holes later in the day. They get in the attic or crawlspace, shine a light across the roof and ask the contractor standing on the roof to look for signs of that light. Flashing around the chimney of a home may suffer some type of damage too. This may only require that the contractor reseal the flashing and chimney rather than replace the flashing.

One other thing to keep in mind is the age of the roof. Experts generally recommend that homeowners replace or make major repairs and/or replacements on their roofs every 20 years, but depending on the material, the roof may need repairs within 10 years or less. If the roof is over 20 years old and the homeowners did not perform regular maintenance on that roof, they can expect to replace it completely within the next five to 10 years. Professional roofing companies offer inspections that allow homeowners to have their roofs inspected once a year or more often and take care of minor problems quickly.

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