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Although wood shingles perform well without issue and are very durable against all types of damage, the wood itself can still exhibit signs of damage. Wood is known to suffer damage from insects and rot due to excess and unwanted moisture, and while these problems may seem daunting at first, contacting the right Austin roofing professionals can be enough to help address them. All homeowners should think about performing a few basic steps in a maintenance procedure first in order to prepare their roofing system. In order to maintain wooden shingles, they must be kept free from debris and unwanted organic growth, such as moss and mildew.

First, homeowners should wait until several hot and sunny days have passed. This will work to dry out the leaf litter and assist with the cleanup of other unwanted articles of debris on the roof. Once the weather is ideal, individuals should brush the surface of their wood shingles with a stiff bristle broom or a sturdy brush to help clear the area away. A durable broom can be enough to get rid of loose articles of dirt and debris as well as larger instances of damage that could hold moisture against the shingles.

For more tenacious issues, a pressure washer can be implemented, and extensive filth can be washed away easily with one of these tools.

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To wash wooden shingles that may require more attention, it is recommended to hold the pressure washer about 18 inches from the surface of the roof and spray in long, horizontal strips of approximately five feet at right angles. Safety should always come first, and homeowners should make sure that they have stable footing by working backwards in order to keep themselves on dry and secure roofing.

Finally, in order to remove stains from wood shingles, homeowners should make a solution of one cup of heavy duty cleaning detergent to one full gallon of warm water. It is important to use a stiff bristled scrubbing brush for each individual shingle and a garden sprayer with good pressure can work well for larger stained areas. To rid the roof of pesky mildew stains, individuals should substitute one cup of regular borax for the detergent in the aforementioned solution. They should then apply it in the same manner and watch the stains dissipate, and all homeowners should be sure to rinse the shingles with regular water after washing to remove any excess cleaner.

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