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McKinney Roofing: Article About Adding A Covered Deck

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A deck or patio is an excellent addition to any home. It adds character and creates an ideal space for outdoor entertainment or relaxation. How often a deck is used is often limited by weather conditions that can include excessive heat or rainy weather, so many homeowners consider adding a roof over their existing deck or request that a roof is included in the plans for building a new deck. In either case, there is a great deal that the homeowner should consider before going ahead with such a project, and it may be best to consult a McKinney roofing professional before proceeding.

Homeowners looking for a way to create shade while protecting their deck against a variety of weather conditions have options available to them that do not have to include the addition of a permanent roof. Temporary covers and awnings are less of a financial investment than a permanent roof, but both of these options are not nearly as durable and do not add nearly as much value to the home as a permanent roof does. While a permanent roof offers more in terms of value and durability, some homeowners may find that a temporary cover or awning is a perfectly acceptable option.

Homeowners who choose to add a permanent roof instead of the other available options have additional considerations to take into account.

A roofing contractor from Fairclaims Roofing and Construction of McKinney TX can answer your questions about siding or residential roofing.

If the homeowner is adding the roof to an existing deck, it is important that proper safety precautions are considered. The new roof may require additional support due to the fact that the existing deck may not be equipped to handle the weight of the new roof. Larger footings may be necessary to handle the load created by this additional weight, which is why it is ideal to install a roof over a deck at the same time as the deck is constructed.

Once the support issues have been worked out, the homeowner has to choose the type of roof to install over the deck. The three most common types of roofs that are installed over decks include gable roofs, hip roofs and shed roofs, all of which offer various benefits and are suitable for a variety of differently sized decks. Which roof type is selected will depend on the size of the deck and the type of roof that is already in place over the home. The function and the form of the roof type will play a significant role in determining which one is ideal for each individual homeowner.

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