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McKinney Roofing: Article About Advantages Of Shingle Overs

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When a home has asphalt shingles, it's sometimes possible for the McKinney roofing company to lay new shingles directly on top of the old ones. This doesn't work, however, if there's significant damage to the roof or current shingles, if there's already a second layer on the roof or if the house can't support the extra weight of a second roof. Many homeowners consider this option, nevertheless. The best person to determine whether a shingle recovering is a viable possibility is an experienced roofing contractor. If they can do it, there are many advantages to consider.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to adding a second layer of shingles over the current layer is the cost savings. Homeowners who go this route can avoid paying the labor costs for the time it takes to tear off the roof, the dumpster costs for cleaning up and hauling away the old shingles and for the new underlayment that would normally come with a new roof. In many cases, the savings can exceed $1,000, so it's easy to see why homeowners make this decision.

Tearing off the old roof represents the bulk of the messiness associated with a roofing job.

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Old shingles don't always tear off cleanly, and the workers typically throw them onto the ground before placing them in the dumpster. This can leave a lot of small pieces of debris around the home, and it can be difficult to clean this up. Additionally, having a large dumpster on the property for the removal of the old roof can result in damage to the lawn or other landscaping, depending on where the company has to place the dumpster. A "shingle over" job involves much less mess.

The roof's job is to protect the home. When the old shingles come off, it leaves the main part of the roof exposed to the elements. In most cases, roofing companies will work hard to ensure that no damage to the roof occurs as a result and to schedule the jobs on days when the weather is optimal. However, it's possible for the roof to be exposed during an unexpected rainstorm. Though the contractor will definitely do whatever's possible to protect the home, homeowners can avoid this type of situation with "shingle over" reroofing projects.

The homeowner and the roofing contractor typically work together to determine if a "shingle over" is the right choice. However, when it's possible to get the same look and quality for minimal labor costs, many homeowners will choose this type of project.

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