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One of the most important parts of any roofing system is the attic vent. McKinney roofing professionals can provide homeowners with a high quality vent installation, but it is up to the customers to determine what vents will be able to provide them with the most use in the long term. There are many considerations to make when installing a new vent system, and learning how to be prepared for the process can be one of the best ways for homeowners to make the most informed purchase on their future system.

Balance is highly important when considering an attic ventilation system because if the vent does not have an even number of intake and exhaust vents, then the overall system will not be as effective as it can be. Intake vents are installed underneath the eaves or below the bottom edges of the roof while the exhaust vents are placed nearest to the roof's peak. In an ideal situation, the total amount of intake vents should be equal to or exceeding the total number of exhaust vents. It is this balanced combination of in and out sections that produces the best and most desired effect. Anything less will not result in optimal performance.

Many contractors focus a lot of energy on beating heat buildup, but only by optimizing the entire system can the desired results be achieved.

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Heat rises and gets caught in the attic, but the summer months tend to be shorter than the winter ones. This means that proper ventilation should take the heat into consideration without neglecting the colder seasons. As temperatures outside plummet, any moisture in the attic will condense and cause water damage to the home. A properly balanced ventilation system will help with both heat in the summer and dangerous water vapor in the winter as a year round solution.

While doubling up on the types of exhaust installed on the roof of the home may seem like a good idea, it is better to consider a smarter and more ergonomic installation. Homeowners should avoid mixing the types of vents on their rooftops as they may work against each other and ultimately cause the entire ventilation system fail. Since air will follow the easiest way out of the home, different systems may render their supporting ones unnecessary. Homeowners should also think about the placement of these vents in order to minimize future rooftop problems, such as access points for pests and unwanted water damage.

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