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When putting a new roof onto the house, most homeowners want the materials they have chosen to last for as long as possible. What the manufacturer labels as 30 year shingles may in reality only last for 25 years due to a variety of factors. Understanding what issues affect the lifespan and performance of asphalt shingles can help any homeowner work with a local McKinney roofing service to choose the best roofing materials for their needs.

When it comes to size, this really does matter for shingles. The number of tabs, thickness and surface area of each shingle factor into its surface area and strength. The more of the shingle that is exposed to rain, wind, heat and humidity, the more wear and tear it experiences. Thicker shingles tend to last longer than thin pieces, as the depth of the material helps minimize the risk of cracking, curling and warping. For the best results, property owners should choose the thickest shingles that can be used on their homes.

Another important consideration in shingle performance is color. Dark shingles do not last as long as those that are light colored.

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Black shingles have the shortest lifespan of all colors, which is due to the fact that they absorb the greatest amounts of ultraviolet light from the sunshine. When the homeowner has a choice, lighter shingles are ideal. In addition to their longer lifespan, they also reduce the amount of heat that can penetrate through the rooftop and into the home's attic.

Even on the same roof, the same batch of shingles may experience different lifespans. The units located on the southern and western exposures will receive the most sunlight, causing them to wear out at a faster pace than those on the eastern and northern roof faces.

In some places, prevailing winds can factor into the roof's performance. When one side of the roof experiences more impacts and uplifting from wind gusts, it may not last for as long as the other sides.

A roof's pitch is another important concern in how long the roofing system lasts. Roofs with a shallow pitch are more prone to problems like standing and ponding water. Shallow pitched roofs generally wear out faster than a home with a steep pitch.

Homeowners must also keep in mind that the amount of attic ventilation and insulation impacts a roof's longevity. Poorly ventilated attics cause the roof to wear out from the underside, as adhesives and fasteners fail from heat coming out of the roof's decking.

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