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McKinney Roofing: Article About Benefits Of Installing Composite Shingles

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Many homeowners turn to asphalt shingles when the time comes to replace their roof. Asphalt is economical and lightweight, but they come with stability issues and granule loss as they age. The new composite shingles are environmentally friendly and hold up well, so they deserve a closer look. Made of recycled synthetics, composite shingles are resistant to the curling, peeling and cracking that traditional asphalt shingles are susceptible to. In addition, their resistance to mold and mildew makes them a good choice for humid climates.

Most brands of composite shingles are manufactured by mixing fiberglass, plastics, rubber, recycled paper and sawdust together. They are created in layers and then the layers are bonded together. Sometimes, McKinney roofing companies refer to them as asphalt shingles because they can come with a coating of asphalt granules to help protect them from the elements, but they are not true asphalt shingles. They are a composite of many different materials.

Composite shingles come in a variety of styles and colors. Many types are designed to resemble the look of cedar shakes, slate shingles or even clay tiles.

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The mixture of materials makes them as strong and durable as other roofing options, but they are easy for a local roofer to install. Since they come in lengthy rectangles that interlock together, their finished appearance makes them look like individual shingles. They can easily fit into the design and color scheme of whatever the homeowner has in mind.

These shingles are strong and sturdy. In addition to being fire resistant, they can withstand violent winds and hold up well under snowy conditions. Since they are made of synthetic materials, they are built to last. A typical warranty a homeowner can expect is for 30 to 50 years. Some types of composite shingles come with lifetime warranties.

As for maintenance requirements, homeowners who live in humid areas need to watch for algae and moss. Moss can damage the shingles. An easy fix is to have a professional roofer clean the roof during regular inspections and keep any trees next to the house cut back. Shady areas of the roof should be kept to a minimum. If moss does start to grow, a roofing expert can apply a moss retardant that can help keep future problems down.

While repairs to composite shingles are not common, homeowners still need to have regular roof inspections as shingles are not the only thing that can go wrong with a roof.

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