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McKinney Roofing: Article About Choosing Storm Windows In Historic Homes

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Storm windows are an excellent investment because they increase a home's energy efficiency and return the homeowner's investment cost quite quickly. Energy efficiency is especially important in older, historic homes, and when the original windows can't be salvaged, the next step is to have modern storm windows installed. Because preservation is important to a historic home, it's imperative to choose a McKinney roofing company that has experience installing new windows in old homes.

Many historic homes previously had shutters or interior storm windows instead of exterior storm windows, but, eventually, shutters and interior storms were replaced by exterior storm windows. Interior storm windows typically didn't protect the window sashes from the elements and were prone to condensation build up that accelerated the deterioration of the window. Most homes with their original outdoor storm windows have wooden windows, and these can still be purchased if the homeowner's goal is to preserve the home's historic appearance. The windows should be made with woods like pine, cypress or cedar for ultimate longevity and insulation. The wood should be treated with a preservative and primed with oil to prevent wood rot.

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Wooden windows can be painted to match the house, which is especially important in Victorian era homes where bright colors were used on the exterior and in Craftsman style homes where dark colors are usually featured.

If wood isn't the right choice, aluminum storm windows are easy to find. They require less maintenance, too. Wooden windows require new paint every couple of decades, frequent applications of glazing compounds, and they can't stay in year round in particularly harsh climates. To maintain the home's historic aesthetic, homeowners should choose aluminum windows that are flush mounted so they look like wood storm windows. To prevent heat loss, the windows should have an extruded aluminum frame with an air gap that prevents hot and cold air from escaping. For the best energy efficient system, the glass should be at least one eighth inches thick. Screens made with charcoal fiberglass or charcoal aluminum last years longer than screens made with inferior materials. Factory made windows are available in a few base colors, or homeowners can paint them their desired color. The frames should be finished with a powdercoat if they aren't painted to prevent rust and deterioration.

Windows are incredibly important in controlling how high a home's energy bills are. In older homes that are notoriously drafty in the colder months, any improvement that simultaneously increases energy efficiency and helps the home retain its historic character is a great investment.

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