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Those with metal roofs will know from experience the importance of regular cleanings. These cleanings will keep the roof from accumulating coatings of mold and mildew. These conditions are unsightly and can become expensive if they are allowed to persist for too long and thus damage the roof. Mold and mildew may even lower the value of the home if the house is up for sale.

Cleanings are an easy job for a reputable McKinney roofing company. They will not be too costly, nor will they take very long to finish. Experts recommend that homeowners have at least one cleaning a year. Some homeowners who live in particularly wet or humid climates will want to have their roofs cleaned more often, however.

The first step that a roofer will take when cleaning a metal roof is to undertake an evaluation of the roof's condition. If the roof is quite old and badly damaged, it may need to be replaced. Even if it does not need to be replaced, it will likely need a patch or two. These repairs will have to be made before the roof is cleaned.

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After the roofer has evaluated the condition of the roof and determined if it needs repair or replacement, he or she will take the proper safety precautions. This may include setting up a safety rope if the roof is quite high or steep. It will certainly include inspecting the roof for any debris or water that can cause a roofer to slip.

The first step of the cleaning process itself involves scraping away the corrosion and excess paint. While many roofers will perform this task with a normal wire brush, specially made roofing brushes are available. Either way, this part of the process can take quite a long time. How long it takes is directly related to how much corrosion and excess paint are present on the roof, and it can take upwards of six hours.

Once the roof has been scraped clean, the roofer will mix a solution of trisodium phosphate (TSP) and water. He or she will scrub it into the roof with a soft bristled brush. The solution serves to get rid of the mold and mildew that has built up on the roof since its last cleaning.

After the roof has been thoroughly cleaned and all of the mold and mildew eliminated, the roofer will wash the roof with water only. Generally, this is done with a special high pressure hose. This ensures that any dirt or debris remaining on the roof is removed.

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