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Rubber roofing is a popular choice for homeowners looking for a durable and cheap roof. Many McKinney roofing companies will offer to coat the rubber with a special chemical during the installation. This will cost a little extra, but it will extend its lifespan and improve the performance of the rubber roof considerably. Most experts recommend that homeowners have the roofers take this extra step.

The first thing a roofer coating a rubber roof will do is clean the roof thoroughly. This is usually done with a bucket of warm water and a stiff bristled brush. There are chemicals made for the express purpose of cleaning rubber roofs, but their efficacy is in question and they are usually not used by professional roofers. Often, an experienced roofer will have a helper whose job it is to do the more menial tasks, such as cleaning the roof. It is very important that the roofers do an excellent job of cleaning the roof, because a dirty roof will not allow the coating to adhere properly to the rubber.

Once the roof has been cleaned well, it is time for the roofers to undertake the next step in preparing the roof for the coating.

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All of the rips and exposed edges in the rubber membrane must be taped up. If the coating gets through those areas and to the wood below, it may damage the sheathing. Roofers generally use a special sort of tape called butyl tape for this task. They will use a roller to ensure the tape is stuck solidly to the rubber. Experienced roofers will also remember to check for any bits of the rubber roofing that may be loose. These will be glued down prior to the application of the coating.

After this has been completed, the roofers must prepare the coating itself. The chemical is quite thick and needs to be thoroughly mixed before it can be applied to the roof. Roofers will often use an electric drill with a special attachment for this job. They will stick the machine into a large bucket of rubber coating for up to 15 minutes.

After the coating is properly mixed, it is applied to the roof by pouring it out of the bucket and spreading it out with rubber squeegees. After it is spread out evenly, most roofers will use a paint roller to ensure it is of uniform thickness. When the majority of the roof is done, they will use a paintbrush to coat hard to reach areas.

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